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Montgomery Rabbit By Sandy Little Illustrated by David Wenzel 65 pages

Montgomery a cute little lop-eared rabbit who adventures out for the first time from his 

shady fenced in yard. Montgomery has adventures of meeting a new rabbit named Bentley 

who keeps him aware of the exhilarating dangers that Montgomery faces out in the open 

spaces from his white fenced in yard.

Montgomery needed to learn fast about all the new animals that were out in about 

searching for their next meal. Montgomery and Bentley were on an adventure to find a 

raspberry patch that Montgomery's girl used to feed him. While on their adventures they 

passed a farm full of animals that helped them to find the red raspberry patch across the 

pond. In all the excitement of Montgomery's adventure he found his girl who would feed him 

red raspberries together at last.

Sandy Little gave this book to Smith Home School for our honest opinion and signed the 

copy of Montgomery Rabbit. We so love the story and what we take from it is that all 

people/animals can learn from each other.

Good Trick Walking Stick by Sheri Mabry Bestor Illustrations by Jonny Lambert 
26 pages

Very colorful illustrations, nature themed pictures exploring the life cycle of walking 

stick insect. Interesting simple story on top with educational facts on the bottom of the 

page. I read this book to my 5 children ages 4-8. My children loved how tiny ants would 

carry the walking stick eggs away to their nest and incubate them until spring, when they 

would hatch into new baby walking sticks.

While you would think as the sun goes down it would be safe at night for the walking stick 

to not fall prey while the birds are resting. While it is safer to be out at night, walking sticks 

change colors to match the colors of the night and are out eating leaves.They still have to 

beware and watch out for bats.

My children took a better understanding of walking sticks away with them and will look in 

the woods each time we go on our nature adventures. This is a very nicely written story for 

young children science book /factual story. Great find! 

This book was provided by Sleeping Bear Press for my honest opinion.…/…/ref=sr_1_1

Little Felted Dogs Easy projects for making adorable 

pups Author Saori Yamazaki.112 pages

This is the most adorable raw wool crafting art that I have ever seen. The felting needle has 

several barbs by it's tip allowing you to create shapes using raw wool to create the 

wool into felted dogs. This is a DIY self book with step by step pictured guide for creating 

many adorable felted dogs.This book was most enjoyable because it was very different 

to me from anything I have seen before. This book was provided by Book Blooger for my 

honest opinion.

Bernida A Michigan sailing Legend By Al Declerco and Tom Ervine Wther Gloria Whelan Illustrated by David Miles. 

Connor and I used this book for Michigan State History as a fun read today. Bernida began 

her racing career in 1921 on the Atlantic Ocean until high Gales nearly destroyed her. 

Bernida was sold to A Michigan Sailor who fell in love with the sailboat who raced the very 

first race from Port Huron to Mackinac Island which is now called The Mackinac Race. 

Bernida won!

 Bernida changed hands many times in Michigan and help was even asked to 

restore her. Luke is a boy who loves sailboats from when his grandfather taught him to sale 

from their home on Mackinac Island as a boy. During the story Birnida changed hands 

many times coming to win the last 250 mile Mackinac Race. This was a true story of a 

legendary Michigan Sailboat. We absolutely love this book full of