Sunday, February 7, 2016

Having some fun with a new chalk marker medium Chalkola

Chalkola Chalk Markers

DIY' Selfers, Who hasn't wanted to draw on their large living room window in a festive holiday spirit? We are starting to celebrate Valentines Day with the children and begin talking about the love that God has for us. I found Chalk Markers from Chalkola. Here is an absolutely neat product that I used last night for the first time.

We had so much fun! These markers are:
* child safe 
* water based 
* non-toxic 
* washes off from cloths 
* low odor 
*acid free 
* ethylene free 
* quick dry 
* long lasting 

The Kids and I made their spaces their own with chalk markers on chalk board non stick labels. Connor dared me to draw a Valentine tree on our big living room window. I did! Chalkola chalk marker worked perfect. My mistakes, which were many cleaned up wonderfully. 
 These markers were given to us by Chalkola for our honest opinion. I would in fact purchase many more Chalkola colors. I am going to try these chalk markers in my coloring journal with a paint brush next. Do I have to share with the kids? Chalkola is artist quality. This product gave us a new medium to explore with colors.

 6mm Pens 

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