Monday, February 8, 2016

Book Review

Montgomery Rabbit By Sandy Little Illustrated by David Wenzel 65 pages

Montgomery a cute little lop-eared rabbit who adventures out for the first time from his shady fenced 

in yard. Montgomery has adventures of meeting a new rabbit named Bentley who keeps him aware 

of the exhilarating dangers that Montgomery faces out in the open spaces from his white fenced in 


Montgomery needed to learn fast about all the new animals that were out in about searching for their

next meal. Montgomery and Bentley were on an adventure to find a raspberry patch that

Montgomery's girl used to feed him. While on their adventures they passed a farm full of animals

that helped them to find the red raspberry patch across the pond. In all the excitement of

Montgomery's adventure he found his girl who would feed him red raspberries together at last.

Sandy Little gave this book to Smith Home School for our honest opinion and signed the copy of 

Montgomery Rabbit. We so love the story and what we take from it is people/animals can learn from

each other.