Saturday, January 30, 2016

Blue Manor Academy Christian Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum

Come and learn about your colors with us!

Meet Aidan our 4 years old. I was thinking/contemplating sending Aidan to preschool at our local church or peruse to use Blue Manor Christian Preschool curriculum. Aidan and 
the rest of our family also benefited from reading the Color
book. I even found myself enjoying these brightly colored 
wonderful E books. I found that we all had enjoyed and
been reading and participating in each book. I setup for each book we used this week and put a little 
activity to run along with each book, Which was
wonderful to see my children wanting to use the 
curriculum. Aidan has truly enjoyed himself this week.
We are currently adding more to our Ebooks to our library! 
We have just added the Christian Kindergarten Curriculum for Logan age 5.Which wasn't very expensive at all.
You can purchase either set for $29.99. The parent guide does just that guides you into being successful with your child. A wonderful useful tool. When your like me.

Logan's favorite out of all the books are Drawing 1 and Drawing 2. Logan has a love with how machines work and loves to capture them working. There are 2 drawing books between the two sets pages upon pages of quality reliable eBook books to inspire education and creativity blossoming as we speak. 

Connor and the kids laid in bed and just talked and talked about the different dogs and their uses and which one was their favorite dog. hat dog would be good for our families life style. The Dog book sparked and promoted so much more conversation between the kids than any other book we sat down to read.  Blue Manor Academy Christian Preschool Curriculum  along with 
Christian Kindergarten Curriculum has my family sold. I 
love the curriculum books so much I offered and wanted to
become an affiliate to help bring these books into your 
home. These smiling faces say it all. It is Fun-School at 
our house. When the children are interested they will learn.

Dogs E book

Fitness E book

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How do you keep God Time In teens busy schedules? Bible Time Journal from The Thinking Tree

Last Tuesday I was sitting in one of our church routine meetings and the topic of how do you get older teens to stay involved with their devotions in a busy world. Our teens come to church participate in youth activities. This Sunday, couple Sunday's from now later. We hand them a free bible and say welcome we are glad you are here then let them go in hopes they will return more regularly. In the mean time their busy schedules of school and their first job comes into play into their busy schedules. I immediately thought it was a no brainier these are God fearing christian teens lets take a home school approach to their busy lives where if they can not attend services in person they can watch online and do an awesome Home Bible Time Journal that explores and helps them Through the the New Testament in 90 days.This Brightly colored Devotional Coloring Bible Time Journal should accompany every teen out into the world.

A Bible Study of the New Testament in 90 days. 

I found beautifully illustrated art work to inspire reflection while coloring the pages through great passages along with favorite verses. I myself learned as a child of God. This book would be a great addition to your home bible study or teen on the go. I have also found that they make wonderful gifts for my mother in law, husband, family, friends and co workers. A wonderful book Bible Time Journal is brought to you by The Thinking Tree and can be purchased through Amazon for $14.99 In three different covers.

 A wonderful book Bible Time Journal is brought to you by The Thinking Tree and can be purchased through Amazon for $14.99 In three different covers.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome to our Journey homeschooling while farmsteading

Welcome to our large family! We are your traditional home school/ Fun School/Eclectic/Farmsteading/book loving/animal loving family of bloggers. Our family is on a journey to home school our 5 children while farming and raising our own food. It is our goal to review curriculum, products, learning resources and crafts to give you a household family of 9 honest solid review on the chosen product and how it worked for us. Our family consist of 5 children 22,8,6,5,4 and 4 adults grandma, sister, husband along with myself all live under one roof and we make it work! We will show how amazing life with home school children can be. The learning my children have been receiving is of great compassion and life skills. We learn to love and love to learn.